About Rock The Pitch and me, Coach David Goldenberg

Or, “How I Came To Love The Beautiful Game And Play And Coach Countless Hours”

Hi, my name’s David Goldenberg, and I want to help others become better soccer players.

Why do I want to help others become better soccer players? It comes down to a childhood story.

Growing up I was fortunate that my parents enrolled me in summer day camp and soccer league, for a number of years in a row. Everyone has ups and downs in their careers, and probably due to a down swing for my parents, summer soccer league stopped happening. And I knew better than to ask to go to a soccer camp which would be really expensive. But I wanted to go soooooo much!

Fortunately for me, I had a great friend called Jon who I ended up playing lots of summer sports with, soccer, tennis, football etc. We developed and trained together… he even eventually played in the NCAA! Some high school teams and coaches also taught me, but the seasons (in Canada!) were very short in the fall, with hardly any practices…

Fast forward to today. I’ve coached a number of teams, including winning a few gold medals (and certainly more losses than I’d like to admit ;)). I bought myself the¬†Soccer U DVD series¬†and have used it to improve at least a few aspects of my game such as receiving and fast feet, dribbling from fast to slow and controlling balls with my chest. It’s a great series.

What I really would love is to help other kids in my position, whose parents can’t send them to soccer camp, so that they can learn and improve in a systematic way.

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